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The Exploratorium exhibit called Cognitive technologies is now open to the public :-)

Our team has been working on this project for the past 3 months and we had a successful launch last Thursday. This weekend was a blast, it’s so nice to see visitors discovering the world of BCI!

That was great stress-test for CloudBrain - the data pipeline that collects, routes, and analyzes EEG data. We are projecting this live data onto a big wall so that visitors can see their brainwaves in real-time and compare it to a baseline.

We were a team of 30 engineers, designers, and neuroscientists. In a very short period of time we managed to create an interactive laboratory of emerging brain technologies. That was an unprecedented project for the Exploratorium of San Francisco and I’m really gald they gave us the opportunity to do that.

Visitors could wander freely around the room while wearing a wireless portable EEG headset, and use the mental state to interact with light sculptures, a virtual reality game, and a calmness booth. This is the first time that such a wireless “bio-sensing” environment has been built with portable EEG.

It has been a great success with the visitors so far: they love comparing their brainwaves with each other. Some even run experiments such as kissing a friend or texting their mom to see how their brain react… I’m not sure how scientifically grounded the results are, but that’s fun to see their enthusiasm :-)

Throughout the exhibit, we partnered with cool technology companies (kudos to Will) including InteraXon, DigitalOcean, SparkIO, OpenBCI, and LEAP Motion.

We had to build everything from scratch with a team of volunteers who didn’t really know each other at the begining of the 3 months! I think we can call that a great success :-)

Here are additional links if you want to learn more: Exploratorium Press Release, Pictures, and Official Site.