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Hi, I'm Marion

A data scientist passionate about the brain. Check out my projects on Brain Computer Interfaces & Machine Learning ♥

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OpenBCI Community: Fixing latency issues for the FTDI driver on OS X

A short post explaining how to fix latency issues for the OpenBCI FTDI driver if you're a Mac user.

CloudBrain at the exploratorium of San Francisco

CloudBrain made it into the Exploratorium of SF. During a month it powered an interactive exhibit on brain technologies.


Building a Mind-Controlled Robot

A Mind-Controlled Robot for the Exploratorium of San Francisco

CloudBrain at the Conciousness Hacking Meetup

Presenting CloudBrain at the Conciousness Hacking Meetup with the Berkeley Cognitive Technology Group

Kernel-induced Online Agglomerative Clustering

A homebrew Machine Learning algorithm


Stratified Sampling with Map Reduce

Stratified Sampling with MRJob, a MapReduce Python framework